September 30, 2020

Get out and vote

There are some big elections coming up, and we encourage everyone to get out and vote.

As you’ll see in our election guide in this edition, York County and Poquoson residents have a lot of choices to make this November. There are several General Assembly contests, including some for seats without incumbents running. There is a race for sheriff as well as two School Board districts and a board of supervisors seat. A large slate of local and state candidates also are running unopposed.

We hope that a big voter turnout will send the message to all those elected that York County and Poquoson residents are active, they are involved, they are knowledgeable and they will be holding elected officials accountable.

So be sure to get out and vote Nov. 5, or vote absentee if you meet one of the many qualifications. Visit for more information on voting.