Memory Tree memorializes loved ones

Published 2:13 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The annual Memory Tree Lighting was held on Sunday evening, Dec. 1, 2019, at Wells Fargo Bank, on the corner of Wythe Creek Road and Victory Boulevard. Area residents dedicated lights in memory of friends and loved ones who gave love and nourishing care and who had great influences in their lives. These names are posted on a display in City Hall. Our hearts and prayers are with our soldiers, and we thank them for keeping us safe.

The Rev. Paul Hubbard of Saint Timothy Anglican Church gave this year’s Memory Tree inspiring seasonal blessing. In addition, he led us in Christmas songs, which provided a perfect background for the lighting of the Poquoson Garden Club’s 2019 Memory Tree. A reception followed the dedication.

Proceeds from this project will be used for scholarships to Poquoson High School students and for beautification projects within Poquoson.

Following are the names of those remembered through the Memory Tree; may God bless and always be with them.

Virginia Abdill

Thelma Adler

Barbara Alexanderson

Alma Alley

John Ambrose Jr.

John Ambrose III

Lori Andre

John Andre

Xanthoula Andre

Ann and Tex

Michael Auger

Pamela Ayuso

Ella Bacas

Col. Richard E. Bachmann, Ret.

Elmer and Edith (Ede) Bamford

Linda Parker Barnes

Georg Baar

Lisa Baar

Jeffrey Batan

Herman Bazemore

Marion Cummingham Bazemore

Tom Beach

Mary Jane Beatty

Laurice Becker

Ruth Becker

Ted Becker

Theodore Becker

John Bednarcyk

Amos Beebe

Ruby Beebe

Richard Beland (Husband)

Richard Beland (Father)

Richard Beland (Grandfather)

Beland Family (Grandparents)

Beland’s Pups

Ethel Bellamy

John Melvin Berry

Susan Willoughby Berry

David K. Betts

Elizabeth Meadows Betts

  1. and J. Bible

Babs Bittner

Tom Bittner

Alva Ware Boswell

Carl Floyd Boswell

Boyer Family

Deanna C. Boyer

Florence E. Boyer

  1. and M. Boyer

Marvin Boyer

Patty Boyer

Mr. and Mrs. John Boyle

Boyle Siblings

Grace Brennan

Margaret Brennan

William Brennan

Ellen Bruckner

Claude J. Carr Jr.

Claude J. Carr Sr.

Opal K. Carr

Heather Backmann Carter

Saraclen Holjes Cather

William Edwin Cather

Pete and Maria Cavanna

Cavanaugh Family

Dorothy Nelson Center

Judson Center

Eugene Champ Jr.

Eugene Champ Sr.

Larry Champ

Ciaravolo Grandparents

Antonio Ciaravolo

Ciaravolo Siblings

Jenny and Frances Ciaravolo

Mario and Helena Ciaravolo

James Arthur Conrad

Norman F. Cotton

Crandal Family

Marvin Dail

Sally Dail

Flora Dandridge

Gordon Dandridge

Bettye F. Davis

Jack B. Davis

Lillian Davis

Maj. Tom Delashaw, USAF (Ret)

George and Velma Detrick

Ed Diggs

Elethia Diggs

Susie Diggs

Rebecca Dryden

Hedwig Reed Dunn

Pearl Earheart

Danny M. Edwards Sr.

Sara Elder

Nan Evans

Brooklyn Evola

Alfred L. Farmer Jr.

Ida B. Farmer

  1. and K. Farris

Anna Fear

William H. Ferguson Sr.

Sherri P. Firman

Margaret K. Firth

Phyllis Firth

Robert (Cut) Firth

Robert T. Firth

Carl Fisk

Claire Fisk

Jenny M. Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald

Herman T. Forrest

Irene W. Forrest

Maywood & Sarah Newton Forrest

Zeola Fox

Annie Virginia Freeman

Barbara Freeman

Douglas Paul Freeman

Henry Earl Freeman Sr.

Margie Freeman

Jerry Freeman

Tommy Freeman

Thomas L. Freeman Jr.

Thomas L. Freeman Sr.

Liz Fulcher

Mary Jane Gallo

Gapp/Lamphere Family

Luella Gerber

Charles Stanley Gilliland

Sue Berry Gilliland

Nancy Gonzalez

Bernard L. Gore Sr.

Elizabeth Gore

Marguerite A. Gore

Richard Gore

  1. A. (Billy) Green

Herbert R. Green Sr.

Jim Green

Margaret M. Green

Michael M. Green

Joe Griswold

William H. Griswold Jr.

Mary Ann Gross

Gail Phillips Guthrie

Creasy D. Hammond

George Maynard Hansford

James P. Harcum

Sylvia Harris

Elizabeth Jane Herring

William L. Herring

Anne C. Hertzberg

Carl P. Hertzberg

David C. Hertzberg

Albert Charles Hill Jr.

Carl George Hill

Linda Hill

Lola Mae Hill

Herman Hogg

Lida Ruth Ware Hogg

Dot Hogge

Ann V. Hollander

  1. Wm. Hollander

Annie Belle Holloway

Catherine Rowe Holloway

Delia Holloway

Jackie W., David, and Melvin L. Holloway

John E. and Jean E. Holloway

Lester Reed Holloway

Manning Holloway

Melvin T. and Margaret H. Holloway

Tom C. and Mary (Shag) Holloway

William and Kathryn Holloway

Becky Jane Hopkins

Edward R. Hopkins Sr.

Edward R. Hopkins Jr.

Ira A Hopkins

Jo Ann Beebe Hoyt

Bernice Hoskinson

George Howard Hoskinson

Walter Hoskinson

Beulah Hubbard

Bobby Joe Hudson

June Hudson

Connie West Hunt

Bill Inge

Daniel Inge

Ethel Inge

Bill Booker David T. and Shelby D. Insley

Suzanne Insley

Jack and Artie

Karen Champ Jackson

Richard H. and Norma Jean Jackson

Neil Holloway Jarmon

Ruth Jent

Alfred L. and Helen R. Johnston

Darwin Perkins Johnston

George and Becky Johnston

Howard and Dorothy Johnston

Johnny Johnston and Family

Johnston Grandparents

Margaret Kapinos

Paul Keddell

Annie F. Keepes

Jacob E. Keepes

JoAnn C. Koch

William E. Koch

Ruth Kohr

Joan Korslund

Frank and Madonna Kreiger & Family

Krieger’s Family

Missouri H. Krueger

Vernon A. Krueger

Ladies (8)

Everett and Marion Lamphere

Shirley Lemonds

Lawrence Lang

Rebecca A. Lang

Jack Leeson, Sr.

Maggie Lindsay

Bertha Lorenczi

Hedi Lorenczi

Jim and Zulton Lorenczi

Richard Lorenczi

Bobby R. Lupo

Bobby Ray Lupo

Joan Mack

Joan Elaine Mack

Mack Family (Grandparents)

Edward Madre Jr.

Maria and Greg

Buster Martin Jr.

Buster Martin Sr.

Inez Martin

Jacob Martin

Sandy Martin

Virgie Marie Martin

William James Martin Jr.

William James Martin Sr.

Frank Martino Sr.

Margaret Martino

Sarah McCrane

Linda McKeel

Ned McLaughlin

Doris McLean

Curtis McShane

Mr. and Mrs. James McShane

Jimmy McShane

Daniel Mee

Ruth Anne Mee

LTC. William Mee, (Ret.)

Roger N. Messier

Jerry E. Messick

  1. Thomas Messick

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Messick Sr.

Tom Messick, Jr.

Thomas Wesley Messick Sr.

Col. Donn G. Miller, USAF (Ret)

Edward E. Miller

Col. Edward G. Miller, USAF (Ret)

Hazel B. Miller

Janice E. Miller

Randy Mixon


Betty Wright Moore

Thomas Carroll Moore Jr.

Thomas Carroll Moore Sr.

Ellen Ware Morrison

Gail Kimberly Motter

Brenda Mross

Bill Mulder

Eric T. Mungo

Emil Nagel

Gloria Nagel

Lois Nagel

Ron Nagel

Joyce Nash

Louise Naworcki

Sue Nehme

Donald Nelson

Martha Nelson

Neil Nelson

Reginald S. Nelson

Todd Nelson

Captain Billy & Grandmama Sarah Newton

Julia Niss

Chris Norman

Dale Norman

Debbie Norman

Jesse Norman

Russell Norman

Vivian Northrop

Fran O’Donohue

Howard O’Mara

Lucy O’Mara

Vernon Paul Owenby

Mr. Vernon H. Page

Mrs. Virginia F. Page

Clarence J. and Elizabeth F. Parker

  1. Terry Parker

Terry Parisher

Carolyn M. Parrish

Isabel and Jack Patteson

Neil and Norman Paul

Mary Pauls

Norman Otis Pauls Jr.

Sidney F. Pauls Sr.

Bill Pelesz

Lillian Topping Pelesz

Billie Pelton

Darwin and Dorothy Perkins

Mike Poch

Joseph and Viola Poiniatowski

Poiniatowski Siblings

Deceased Poquoson Garden Club Members

Deceased Poquoson Woman’s Club Members

Sybil Przypek

Jackie Holloway Ray

Alice Dixon Rohrbach

Richard Carl Rohrbach

Lena Jane Rollins

Francis Eldrige Rowe

Ruby and Vickie

Chris John Sales

Harry R. Sager

Mary L. Sager

Phyllis Marie Savchenko

Konnie Schaefer

Anette and Jerry Schall

Louis Anthony Schavone

David Harold Schenck

Harold and Lois Schenck

Leo and Edith Schenck

Richard Schenck

Roy Schenck

Marjorie Sharp

Robert T. Sharp

William Shaw

Patrick J. Sheridan

Nanny Slade

Robert S. Slade

Betty M. Smith

Buckley L. Smith

Jacqueline West Smith

Joseph B. Smith

Joseph Smith

Jack Snelling

Pat Nagel Snelling

Bonnie Stanfield

Kenneth G. Stuart

Adam Svihla

Karoline and Walter Szczepanski

The World

Lewis Todd

Amelia F. Topping

Charles Grayson Topping

Moody Topping

Betty Townsend

Bud Townsend

United States Servicemen and Women — Past and Present

Helen Varlas

Nancy Varlas

Nick Varlas

Joan Vernall

Gavin Vest

Edmond J. Waible

Christine C. Walker

Carl Ward

Eva Ward

Grayson A. Ward

Lida Hudson Ware

Lucy R. Warren

Roscoe L. Warren

Robert R. West

Patsy West

The Wilson Famiy

Dr. Clyde L. Wilson

Clyde L. Wilson Jr.

George and Hannah Limb Wilson

Margaret Hannah Wilson

Margaret Ione Wilson

Margaret Shaffer Wilson

Ben Wilson

Mary Owenby Wilson

Rose Marie Winder

Harvey Withrow

Alice Wood

Bennie M. Wood

Bob Wood

Robert “Bob White” Wood

Robert “Bobby” Wood

Sylvia Wood

Agnes Young