Road closure announced

Published 2:07 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Historic Yorktown’s Comte de Grasse Street is closed to traffic for approximately two months beginning Jan. 5.

The 60-day road closure enables a contractor to improve a drainage issue along the roadside and also to install a sidewalk, making the trip to and from the Victory Monument and Water Street more safe and pleasant for pedestrians. The new sidewalk will be five feet wide and made of brick with a concrete base for stability.

The road closure means that there is no vehicle access to the Beach Picnic Area located at the end of Water Street. Typically, drivers access the Beach Picnic Area by traveling down Comte de Grasse (a one-way street) and turning right into the parking lot. The Beach Picnic Area is not accessible from Water Street because a portion of that road also is one-way. The Beach Picnic Area remains open to pedestrians throughout the Comte de Grasse Street road closure.

El-X Enterprises has been contracted to perform the work.