York County schools change schedules, again

Published 10:54 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

More changes are coming for some middle and high school students in the York County School Division in the aftermath of a Feb. 3 fire at the Grafton School Complex.

Initially, Grafton High School students were assigned to alternate days with students at York High School, while Grafton Middle School students doing the same at Tabb Middle School.

That plan was developed using a “conservative timeline” of re-opening the Grafton Complex on May 26, according to a statement on the school division’s website.

“However, we also believe it is our responsibility to prepare for the worst-case scenario of the facility not opening again this school year,” the statement says. If the new changes were not made, all four schools would have needed to add between five and 12 days to the school calendar and extend school hours on their scheduled days to meet state mandates. The longer hours would have placed middle school students returning home well after 5 p.m., the statement read.

Therefore, two other division schools, Tabb High School and Yorktown Middle School, are set to serve as host schools for Grafton for the fourth quarter of the year, beginning April 13. This will use the same alternating day format in place now.

In addition, Grafton High and Grafton Middle will have days added through the remainder of the year, including a few days during what would have been their spring break as well as some days after graduation.

“As with our prior model, we recognize that this revised solution will not be ideal for all families, but it continues to meet the needs of our students with the resources available,” the division posted on its Facebook page.

More information on the new schedule and how it affects athletics, testing, transportation, special programs and more is available on the school division’s website, yorkcountyschools.org.