Thank you

Published 2:53 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2019

It has been a labor of love for our entire staff to see the development of the Yorktown Independent come to fruition.

Yorktown Independent will be a one-of-a-kind newspaper, because our primary objective will be to write about the people, issues, and events that are important to York County and Poquoson.

Yorktown Independent will also be a place where your voice can be heard. Community newspapers have a longstanding tradition of fostering active opinion pages, where residents can compliment or critique policy issues, give a pat on the back to a neighbor for a job well done, or just to share an opinion regarding the news of the day.

As a place for local businesses to advertise their goods and services, Yorktown Independent will also help to strengthen the local economy. You’ll notice as you read today’s edition from cover to cover that there has been a tremendous response from local businesses to having a Yorktown-focused newspaper. While these civic-minded folks have all been incredibly supportive and instrumental in helping us get Yorktown Independent off the ground, they are also smart businesspeople who know that advertising in the local newspaper generates results. Please reward their investment by doing business with the local businesses that advertise in this newspaper.

And by the way, our classified section can help you improve your own economy as well. There is no more cost effective way for an individual to sell an item, rent a house, or promote a yard sale than with an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper.

Most of all, we want Yorktown Independent to be a source of pride for this community. A community newspaper is a rallying point for those who read it. It’s the place where a community forever memorializes its past and, more importantly, looks to the future. A community newspaper forever records the legacy of the community it serves. Yorktown Independent will do all of those things, and more.