Community support is crucial

Published 3:01 pm Monday, November 4, 2019

In the midst of such tragedy and grief, communities must always rely on each other for support.

That’s what York County is doing this week and will be doing for quite some time to come.

The deaths of three young men in a crash on the evening of Oct. 26 has shaken the entire community. The grief is still raw, and there is nothing anybody can say that can even begin to mitigate the agony of the families and close friends of these three young men as well as the Tabb High School community.

There is, however, plenty we can do to give them somewhere to turn. The outpouring of support shown from all over the community in just the 24 hours after their deaths — from the candlelight vigil on Sunday evening to the students wearing white at all the county’s schools Monday morning — has been a comfort.

May the community continue to find mourn together and find solace in one another in the days and weeks ahead.