Some great local eateries

Published 6:20 pm Wednesday, November 27, 2019

On Thanksgiving, if you’re like my family, there is a lot of tradition surrounding the food. We always have turkey, stuffing, a yummy potato casserole that my mom makes (I can’t begin to tell you all that’s in it, but suffice to say it’s delicious), green bean casserole, a regular vegetable that’s still healthy due to the fact it’s NOT in a casserole, and more. Fruit salad and a pie usually round out the options on the table.

Lots of people in the Tidewater area do oysters, a nod to one of the earliest delicacies of residents of this area, from the native tribes to the early European settlers. A great way to incorporate oysters is oyster stuffing — that is, if you’re not already doing sausage stuffing.

Thanksgiving, of course, isn’t all about the food. It is about giving thanks for our many blessings and giving back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. But, if we’re being honest, the food does play a central role in our family gatherings.

This being a Thanksgiving week edition, then, we chose to highlight several local eateries in this edition. If you’re not already familiar with them, we hope you’ll give them a try soon when you’re looking to get away from the leftovers bursting out of your refrigerator or just can’t bear to think about cooking when the rush of the Christmas season gets to you — or just because!

Poquoson Diner is a cozy experience that has been around for years and where everyone gets treated like family.

Grunow’s Kitchen is a unique find for anyone who has a severe gluten or nut allergy and who is unable to eat at most, if not all, other restaurants. Grunow’s is only about five months old but already has a reputation for great food that is prepared in a 100-percent gluten- and nut-free kitchen where the staff can accommodate other allergy needs as well.

And Sweet Dreams French Bakery and Café, while it has come on the scene recently as well, is quickly gaining a following for its sweets as well as savory choices for breakfast and lunch.

I’m getting hungry already. I hope I’ll see you at one of these spots soon!