Feeling grateful about Grafton

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, February 18, 2020

To the editor:

My son attends Grafton Middle School. Last week, it felt like the world flipped upside down with the fire.

The first blessing is that there were no injuries. That in itself is remarkable. Then came my anxiety: I knew way before the official word that the complex would not reopen anytime soon.

Many suggestions floated, including my own, on what they could do for contingency plans. How could they plan for over 2,100 students and staff?

The second blessing was the forum (on Feb. 8), the team put together and the solution. I attended the forum with anxiety deeper. I tell you, that forum was the BEST I ever attended. They have the best people in place to handle the job and the best communication from a horrific instant tragic occurrence. It is the most effective contingency plan I ever witnessed in a short amount of time, as I have been on many.

If I’m honest, I had doubts, was over the edge and anxious when I sat down in that seat. When I got up from that forum, I was comforted, assured and confident in everyone.

The county has done a phenomenal job with the cards they were dealt, and our kids are in incredible hands. Though it will be a challenge still, I can say this parent is ready, willing and able to face the challenge in unity.

Nakeya Green