‘Yorfton’ and ‘Tafton’ setting great examples

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, February 18, 2020

When the fire at the Grafton school complex was originally reported and it was determined the building would be unusable for quite some time, it was difficult to imagine a way forward.

But the path is becoming clearer, and we couldn’t be happier with how the school division and its staff, students and parents, and the community at large have all come together to make it happen.

Although the solution — for Grafton students to alternate school days at Tabb Middle School and York High School — isn’t perfect for every family, there were never going to be any perfect solutions. The York County School Division came up with a plan relatively quickly, communicated it well and immediately sought to dispel rumors and concerns that many people had. Two Saturday forums helped parents sort through their concerns, and a video taken inside the damaged school complex helped show the extent of the damage and illustrate some of the many facets of the aftermath.

The community has really stepped up, with different churches, organizations and businesses offering help. Churches held school supply drives for Grafton students and teachers that had left needed items at school; organizations publicized volunteer opportunities for students to do on their weekdays off from school; businesses have pulled out all the stops to help cater to students and parents in the ways they do best.

The students of the affected schools, in particular, deserve to be singled out for recognition. The Grafton students arrived at their host schools to find decorations and other signs of a warm welcome. With classic teenage humor, they have created “Tafton” and “Yorfton” logos. The students of all four affected schools have been flexible and gracious, and they have set a great example for all of us.