Hold tight through changes

Published 10:57 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

More changes are coming for some of the area’s middle and high school students, and it’s guaranteed that not everybody will be happy.

After the Feb. 3 fire at the Grafton School Complex, there have been a lot of changes. First, the Grafton students were out of school for a week, and four of those days were spent not knowing what the next week would bring. Then, they returned to school at new host schools, alternating days with students at other schools. Now, their host school will switch next month, affecting even more students, teachers, staff members and families.

Many parents say their students are suffering. We feel deeply for these families, and we sincerely hope the division and its staff can help them cope in the days and weeks ahead.

With so many people all affected in the county — from students and parents and administrators to bus drivers, food service workers, custodians and many, many more — it would be impossible to find a solution that worked for everybody, but we continue to be impressed with the resilience, flexibility and welcoming nature of the students and parents who have been affected, and we hope the displaced students and teachers can count on the same from Tabb High and Yorktown Middle schools beginning April 13.

We hope the Virginia Department of Education will see the efforts that have been made and not put up any more hoops to jump through to meet state requirements. It appears everyone has been through enough already.