Community comes together, again

Published 5:10 pm Wednesday, March 18, 2020

We continue to be impressed with the way this community pulls together in hard times.

Just last month, a fire at the Grafton school complex put hundreds of middle- and high-school students out of school, and they later learned they would have to share school buildings with other students in the division, impacting even more students.

We previously wrote in this space about how great it was to see students and parents supporting each other and businesses reaching out to offer whatever support they could in that trying time.

Students were barely settling into their new schedules as coronavirus fears were starting to escalate, and now, local families are in upheaval once again, as all schools in the state were closed for two weeks by order of the governor.

This is another trying time for locals, and this time it’s not only families with a member attending or working at certain schools β€” virtually everybody is affected in some way.

We anticipate that this community will pull together once again β€” but while practicing social distancing, of course! β€” and make us proud.