Falcons fly over Lafayette

Published 2:48 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Streaks are meant to be broken

By Niqko Marshall

Staff Writer

The York High School football team made history on Sept. 20 when it ended a Lafayette High School Bay Rivers District win streak that had been ongoing since 2012.

All streaks must come to an end at some point, and York proved that in its game against Lafayette when the Falcons earned a 28-21 win.

It was a hard-fought game, but York coach Doug Pereira knew his team had what it took to upset the Bay Rivers District juggernaut. It was more than just a regular-season win; it was a statement win for the Falcons.

“A win like this certainly puts us on the radar of other teams across the state who previously were not paying attention to us, especially in Class 3,” Pereira said. “It also puts us on the map a little more with regards to college recruiting.”

Pereira also believes this win doesn’t benefit just his team but also the rest of the school. School spirit can be contagious, and he believes all of the other sports will get a confidence boost from his team’s achievement.

It took an incredible amount of focus from the Falcons players to keep pushing throughout the game. Whether coming off of a good play or a bad play, the Falcons knew they had to keep moving forward if they wanted to come out with the win.

Pereira, in particular, talked about how tired he was walking off of field because of the laser focus he had to maintain throughout the game.

“I personally walked off the field exhausted from the amount of focus I had to maintain throughout the game,” he said. “But, it certainly felt amazing to come out on top. It literally took an entire team effort to finish this game with a win. In the end, I was much more proud of my team, not for who they had beaten, but for how they had beaten them.”

York hadn’t defeated Lafayette since 2011, so it is an honor that they sit in a class all by themselves. The Falcons want more for themselves this season than just to be remembered for a big win, and they feel confident they will continue to challenge themselves throughout the season.

“It is truly an honor to be ‘the team’ that ended such a huge streak,” Pereira said. “We are the only team that can claim that, and nobody can ever take that away from this team.”